3 LinkedIn Tips to Impress Employers

When you submit your resume for a job opening, you can count on hiring executives to check out your LinkedIn profile. Here are 3 ways to make your profile stand out to employers and other professionals:

  1. Post a professional headshot picture of yourself. Your photo should be recent (within past 3 years). Don’t crop wedding pictures or similar photos…and don’t use a photo that includes your partner or kids. If you’re overly anxious about your appearance, consider using a professional photographer. Emphasize that you must project a professional, attractive, positive image. Listen to their suggestions and respect their opinion over your spouse or your own opinion.  Welcome straightforward, unbiased advice (hairstyle, facial hair, clothing styles, jewelry, glasses). Lean towards being on the conservative side unless your profession dictates otherwise.
  2. Your Profile Summary section should not have the same information as your resume. This section should answer the interview question: Tell me about yourself. Engage your visitors by sharing your elevator speech in the first person so they get a flavor of your personality and social skills. Think…what makes me different than anyone else applying for this position? You are allowed 2,000 words max. Use all 2,000 words, if possible, and make sure they contain a few keywords relative to your profession. Important: This section should include personal and professional insights about you.
  3. The last section of your LinkedIn Profile is basically a resume summary. It doesn’t have to be as detailed as your resume, but it should be easy to scan using bullet points with measurable accomplishments. If you’re deep in your career, only go back 15-20 years and leave your graduation date off of your college degree.

Written by: Michael Petras – Principal at Lodestar Executive Search, South Bend, Indiana. To subscribe to my blog, scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your email. Back to my Blog Page for more articles you might enjoy.

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