Lodestar Executive Search is relentless in identifying, recruiting, and delivering top talent to our client companies. We turn over every rock to find dynamic leaders who not only match your company culture, but will quickly make a difference.

executive-search-diversityWe accomplish this by listening to your profile of the ideal candidate; then, referring to you 3-4 worthy candidates as quickly as possible. We also discuss with you your recruiting efforts on any job order you provide us. This way we can compliment your search by recruiting from a different pool of candidates.

We make it our business to know the movers and shakers in your industry. This extends your recruiting reach to high-caliber candidates who are not actively looking to make a job change, but trust us to share exceptional opportunities that meet their personal career goals.

So what sets us apart from other executive search firms?


We see ourselves as an extension of your company. We’re part of your team.

photo to a professional recruiting team

-We refer candidates to your specifications…not “close enough” candidates.

-We are sensitive to your time demands, administrative burdens, and urgency to fill your positions.

-We minimize phone calls and emails and work within your system and comfort zone.

-We manage candidates’ salary expectations to avoid haggling at the offer stage.


We streamline the hiring process by…

-Interviewing and qualifying every candidate…never just sending you an unsolicited resume.
Businessman Interviewing Female Candidate For Job
-Submitting worthy candidates for your positions…not a bunch of resumes hoping to get lucky.

-E-mailing resumes to you with a brief synopsis as to why our candidates meet your requirements.

-Confirming interviews, coordinating logistics, and preparing candidates to meet with you.

-Withdrawing candidates who have either misrepresented themselves or are behaving unprofessionally.

-Coaching candidates through resignation to avoid counter-offers or last minute withdrawals.


We are selective about the companies we recruit for

Construction machines
-Allows us to place top priority on your search assignments by not being over committed.

-Instills confidence among our candidates who expect us to refer them to top-notch companies.

-Allows us to develop an in-depth knowledge of your company culture and strategic goals.

-Builds a long-term relationship of dependable service…and hopefully an enduring friendship.

We have a network of over 6,000 manufacturing executives and professionals skilled with complex engineered products in the following fields: accounting, aftermarket, digital marketing, engineering, environmental health and safety, human resources, legal, manufacturing, marketing, operations, product development, program management, purchasing, quality, sales, service, supply chain.

We are a member of the Top Echelon Network of professional recruiters. Top Echelon provides us with training, support, and deep recruiting resources that benefit our clients. Membership requires a rigorous 2 week vetting process to insure the highest standards of trust, integrity, and transparency. Please contact us to discuss our fees and terms.